One of the important thing in driving is changing gear





In manual one sometimes it doesn’t work and this will take the driver's attention away to console, also in the automatic one, driver sometimes should make sure that is he chosen the right gear or not and same problems as these that may cause collision, persuade automakers to solve this problems. Automakers utilized formula 1 cars experiences and has designed a plan based on Paddle Shifter behind the steering wheel. These paddles consist of 2 keys or 2 paddle which based on the steering wheel or behind it.



In Manometric and Tiptronic system, by using Paddle Shifters, driver still can shift the gear easier and faster.Usually the right paddle is for shifting to lightening gear and the left one for shifting to heavier gear.For shifting to neutral gear, just hold the two paddles (keys) at same time.According to these, automakers intend to use previous plans for such technology, like Mercedes Benz CL class that use gear lever behind the steering wheel.




Wednesday, 05 October 2016 09:05