1. 2017 BMW Alpina B7 xDrive

the Alpina B7 stands at the top of the 7-series lineup, at least until BMW’s own M760i appears. But the Alpina offers a distinctly different character: The M760i will be powered by an updated version of BMW's twin-turbocharged V-12, while the B7 employs a twin-turbo V-8. Alpina says the B7 accelerates to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds, which may be as conservative as the original top-speed forecast; a 2013 Alpina B7 we tested with a mere 560 horsepower ran to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, and we expect the new model to be about 200 pounds lighter.

2. BMW seeks partners in race to build self-driving car's brain
BMW is accelerating plans to acquire technology expertise in a race with the likes of Apple and Google to make cars smart enough to react like human drivers.

3. 2017Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4²

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4² -- powered by a 4.0-liter biturbo V-8 engine and 7G-Tronic transmission -- will be the most extreme G Wagen to reach the U.S. when it goes on sale in early 2017. With a height of 88 inches, the G550 4x4² has 11 inches on the regular G550.

4. Aston Martin Vantage

Aston Martin has started testing the smaller brother of the new DB11, likely to be called the Vantage again. The prototype is shorter than the DB11 and it has a rounder roof line, modified headlights, a new grille and a front spoiler. The new Vantage is expected to go on sale next year with two Mercedes engine options: a 4.0-liter V-8 and a 608-hp 5.2-liter V-12. Photo credit: Automedia

Automakers on board for new Detroit auto show mobility exhibit 5 .
GM, Nissan and Toyota will have a presence at the Detroit auto show's new mobility-themed exhibit in 2017. The auto show is also adding an outdoor driving experience on a 1.5-mile closed loop where manufacturers can demonstrate autonomous technologies.

Monday, 29 August 2016 09:49